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Our number one goal at the Community Foundation of Washington County is to make philanthropic giving easy and effortless for your clients, our donors.  To fulfill this commitment to our donors, we provide the following donor services for each donor who establishes a fund with the Community Foundation of Washington County:

Annual Financial Reporting:
On an annual basis, at the anniversary of the creation of your client’s fund, they will receive a financial report on the investment returns and grantmaking activity of their fund. We maintain a complete history of their grantmaking in their file for their convenience and reference, when needed.  By managing accounting and recordkeeping for their fund, we relieve your client of administrative tasks and IRS reporting.

The Community Foundation of Washington County verifies all grant distributions through a rigorous due diligence process, ensuring that the recommended nonprofit is a registered public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Donor Recognition or Donor Anonymity:
When a gift is made from your client’s fund, an award letter recognizing them by name as the donor is generally sent to the grantee organization. However, if they wish to remain anonymous, we will ensure that their identity is kept confidential.

Professional Investment Management:
The Community Foundation of Washington County has partnered with Smith, Shellnut Wilson to provide your clients with the expertise needed to capitalize on investment opportunities, maximizing the potential of their investment.  This allows your clients to give back to their community in an even greater way.

Fund Administration and Reporting:
We manage all donor funds according to the highest standards of accountability. An annual audit is conducted to provide oversight and ensure all appropriate standards are adhered to by the Foundation.

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