Connecting people who care with causes that matter to create a thriving community for all…

But what does this really mean?  
It means the Community Foundation of Washington County is dedicated and committed to helping members of our community create a legacy in Washington County centering on issues that create “passion” in their lives and in the lives of their loved ones.

Through investing in the CFWC, you can ensure that the organizations and causes you have been supporting for years will continue to benefit from your generosity in the long-term. We all want our community to be stronger and more vibrant tomorrow than it is today; we want our children and grandchildren to be able to thrive in Washington County and to experience the unique culture and heritage of the Mississippi Delta. The CFWC works hand-in-hand with our donors to make this desire a reality, as we keep our eyes focused on the future and build our endowment fund to best serve our community.

Donors will find that the Community Foundation of Washington County is versatile enough to accomplish your philanthropic goals by offering several different kinds of funds and accepting different types of assets. From cash, securities, property, insurance, charitable gift annuities, and other property, our role is to help you transform your philanthropic resources into the fuel that impacts the lives of others.

Our funds are invested in a pool of philanthropic dollars, allowing us to leverage greater return for our community’s resources. It only takes $10,000 to create an endowed fund or $500 to create a pass-through fund.  Whether an individual, family, business, or nonprofit, starting your fund is simple. Once your fund is launched, our staff handles forms, filings, record keeping, and other details, including keeping you informed of fund activity through annual statements.

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