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Every member of our community can be a part of our success by investing in our community foundation. Any individual can contribute any amount of money to our foundation, and those gifts are invested for growth and income.

We then use a payout amount to make grants that will strengthen our community.   Nearly every type of gift – including real estate, closely held stock and artwork – can be contributed to our foundation.  Gifts are made from bequests and by living donors through various types of funds and deferred giving vehicles.  Although the methods are different in each established fund or donation, the common thread uniting all donors and supporters is the desire to build a better community through philanthropy and for their legacies to continue to benefit generations to come in Washington County. Creating a fund at the Community Foundation of Washington County is easy!

The Community Foundation of Washington County provides extensive donor flexibility in establishing funds and designating charitable beneficiaries. Funds can be named for the donor, in memory of others, or for a designated purpose such as a specific charitable organization.

Our funds are invested in a pool of philanthropic dollars, allowing us to leverage greater return for our community’s resources. The Community Foundation of Washington County manages the following types of funds:

It only takes $10,000 to create an endowed fund and $500 to create a pass-through fund. Whether an individual, family, business, or nonprofit, starting your fund is simple. Once your fund is launched, our staff handles forms, filings, record keeping, and other details, including keeping your client informed of fund activity through annual statements.

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