How We Work

Every member of our community can be a part of our success by investing in our community foundation.  Any individual can contribute any amount of money to our foundation, and those gifts are invested for growth and income. We then use a payout amount to make grants that will strengthen our community.   Nearly every type of gift – including real estate, closely held stock and artwork – can be contributed to our foundation.  Gifts are made from bequests and by living donors through various types of funds and deferred giving vehicles.

Although the methods are different in each established fund or donation, the common thread uniting all donors and supporters is the desire to build a better community through philanthropy and for their legacies to continue to benefit generations to come in Washington County.

Our community foundation’s mission is to connect people who care with causes that matter to create a thriving community for all.  Our donors can establish charitable legacies and provide leadership to address community needs in a manner that is responsible, responsive, and lasting.  We put our mission into action for Washington County by:

  • Helping our donors with their charitable giving
  • Establishing endowment funds for non-profits and other charity causes
  • Assisting financial advisors and attorneys explore giving options to benefit their clients
  • Working with community leaders and non-profit organizations to address current and emerging needs.

In addition to the management of the funds established under our umbrella at the Community Foundation of Washington County, we take our commitment to making a positive impact on Washington County very seriously.  Washington County is poised for great, positive change.  CFWC wants to tip the scales in this direction!  Our board has met with area leaders and stakeholders, initiated conversations, and researched the areas that can best impact our growth.  CFWC is committed to lead for positive change by impacting the following ares:

  • Downtown Revitalization
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Workforce Development

Through contributions to our Community Trust Fund, we are embarking on programmatic initiatives and collaborating on projects that will create a thriving community for all Washington County residents.

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