The Community Foundation of Washington County (CFWC) recognizes the importance, beyond its role as a grant maker, of foundation involvement in and support of community initiatives and other charitable endeavors.

Fiscal sponsorships are common to community foundations. They are also essential in meeting the changing opportunities and needs of the Washington County area. Therefore, CFWC may choose to provide fiscal and project sponsorships for charitable projects that further the purpose and mission of the Foundation.

Sponsorship services include the capacity for the project of another entity to receive tax-deductible contributions by the Community Foundation of Washington County, the receipting and managing of contributions, and the authorization and payment of grants and expenses from the fund created for the project.  Sponsorship services do not include extensive administrative, fundraising or financial support.

The primary beneficiaries of sponsorship services are typically new charities without 501(c)(3) status and community groups planning a specific or finite project that is clearly charitable in nature and in furtherance of the charitable purposes of the CFWC.

The CFWC has adopted the following guidelines which are designed to protect the interest(s) of donors and the CFWC. The CFWC reserves the right to either accept or decline any fund.  It also reserves the right to close a fund.  The CFWC will consider each situation individually.

 Please click here for our Fiscal Sponsorship Policy, Guidelines and Application.


Click your mouse on the titles to see fund descriptions.

This fund was created to showcase the culture and history of the Mississippi Delta to the world through the art form of digital cinema.

The Leadership Washington County Community Project Fund was created in 2016 through an effort led by the Washington County Economic Alliance. Leadership Washington County, a program coordinated through the Washington County Economic Alliance, is an annual class of community members interested in becoming more involved in the community. This group of leaders completes a project each year to better our community as part of their scope of programming and as a way to “give back.”

In order to accomplish the goals for their project each year, the Leadership Washington County class will be reaching out to local businesses, civic groups and individuals to help them raise the necessary funds to ensure their project’s success.

Pathways2Possibilities Fund (P2P) is an interactive, hands-on career expo designed for 8th graders, and also offers time for at-risk youth ages 16-24.  P2P has been creating these experiences for the youth of the Gulf Coast region since 2013 and held their first one in Tupelo in 2015.

In April 2016, P2P came to the Mississippi Delta region!  Throughout the 2-day event, more than 2,300 8th graders from public, private and parochial schools along with home school associations from this region attended this inaugural event at the Washington County Convention Center.  Additionally, 183 at-risk youth and young adults were able to experience Pathways.

The participants had the opportunity to explore the eighteen different career pathways, which are aligned with the MS Department of Education.  Professionals in each pathway designed and facilitated hands-on activities related to their vocational skill sets and responsibilities giving the Delta youth a look inside these careers and the pathways that will guide them to both academic and career success in the future. 

The Greenville Power Box Art Initiative Fund was created through an effort led by the Greenville Arts Council, in conjunction with the City of Greenville, to create a new avenue to show off our city’s strengths through art that represents Greenville and the Delta region.

The mission of the Greenville Arts Council is to promote the rich cultural heritage of the region and stimulate and encourage cultural activities, arts appreciation, arts education and the creative work of artists. This initiative centers around plans to paint all 31 power boxes (the boxes that cover transformers and other electrical equipment next to power poles) through the city with art that focuses on the arts, music, places, nature and people residents love about their home, here in Washington County.

Local artists will be solicited to submit designs for the power boxes, so the mission of GAC will be in full force throughout this project. Each box will be labeled with a plaque spotlighting the number of the box, the donor for that box’s artwork (if applicable) and the title of the artwork. To sponsor a box in its entirety, the cost is $250. The project is planned to be completed by the end of the summer 2017.

Donors can contribute to this fund and play a significant role in the beautification of our community through the Greenville Power Box Art Initiative.  The Delta’s unique culture will be spotlighted through the vision of local artists and custom painted designs will create points of interest that will entice tourists and residents alike to take pride in Washington County and our incredible array of talented artists.

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