Invest in Your Community Through a Field of Interest Fund.

Field of Interest Funds allow our donors to target their gift to focus on one area of our community that drives their personal passion.  For some donors, it will be the cultural arts.  For others, health and wellness.  The interests can be as diverse as our donors ranging from downtown revitalization to early childhood education to at-risk youth.  Once you choose your area of focus, our Board of Trustees will research the community organizations and programs who are devoted to making a difference in your area of choice and provide grants and funding to those organizations and agencies who are making a positive impact and demonstrating successful outcomes related to your selected area.

  • Our staff handles all paperwork.
  • Our minimum balance to establish an endowed fund is $10,000 and $500 for a pass-through fund.

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The ARRF Animal Shelter Project Fund was created to benefit the planning, development and construction of a brand new shelter to house the lost, abandoned and abused dogs of the City of Leland and the surrounding unincorporated county area, as well as to provide for the long-term maintenance and desired enhancements to accommodate the future needs of the Animal Shelter.
Animal Relief and Rescue Fellowship is an all-volunteer organization committed to providing responsible, humane care and treatment of animals that are housed at the shelter. Donations to this fund will help ARRF achieve one of its key goals of building a new and more humane shelter which will also serve as a model for other shelters to follow in handling lost, unwanted, neglected or abandoned animals. Since 2005, thousands of homeless dogs have found their loving forever homes in more than 38 states due to the tireless efforts of ARRF volunteers and supporters. What was once the shelter’s 98% kill rate is now a 98% adoption rate; proof positive of the successful accomplishments of ARRF volunteers!
Donors can contribute to this fund and play a significant role in the realization of a dream, not only for the volunteers and supporters at ARRF but for all of the animals that will be loved, cared for, and played with at the new Animal Shelter while they wait to be adopted by their forever families. The investment of your philanthropic dollars will help save the lives of these precious animals that are helpless without your gift. It’s the perfect place to donate and truly make a difference!
An endowed fund established to assist with funding the heathcare needs of those residents in Washington County who are working and uninsured or under-insured.

The Girls Write the World Fund was established to support the programmatic initiatives of Girls Write the World to meet its mission of providing accessible writing and empowerment programs for young women in grades 9th – 12th in Greenville, MS.

Since its inception, Girls Write the World has been dedicated to providing a safe space for female creatively and serving as an effective platform for fostering self-esteem, developing leadership skills and building community in Mississippi. To date, Girls Write the World has served over 50 young women, created over 100 pieces of original poetry, published 2 camper poetry anthologies, and produced three public showcases. Girls Write the World will host their 3rd annual week-long summer camp this June, stay tuned to hear more about this incredible organization and check out their Facebook page:

The Lainoff Family Court at Vazzana Family Park Fund was created to benefit the restoration and renovation of Leland’s Fairfield Park, as well as other beautification, renovation and enhancement projects related to the creation of the Lainoff Family Court at Vazzana Family Park.
Located at the corner of Main and Long, Fairfield Park is located in Leland’s Historical District and serves the children in Southeast Leland Ward 3. Primarily Fairfield Park serves as a basketball court; however, it also serves as a neighborhood hangout for many of Southeast Leland’s young people. The renovation and enhancement of Fairfield Park is a collaborative effort between the Lainoff Family Foundation, Community Foundation of Washington County, Leland Rotary Club, Leland Deer Creek Garden Club, World Class Athletic Surfaces, Leland Historical Preservation Commission, and the City of Leland. Once completed, donated funds will be used to ensure future maintenance and new enhancements are added to further benefit the youth of Leland and surrounding communities. Health and fitness benefits are just the beginning for this project; the creation of a state-of-the-art basketball court surrounded by beautiful landscaping to create a welcoming and safe place to bring the community together is the real prize for this project!
Leland community leaders united to create the Leland Beautification Fund under the umbrella of the Community Foundation of Washington County.

This fund was established to benefit beautification projects, both inside and outside, of public and civic buildings, community parks and other public venues located in Leland, MS, as we as other renovation and enhancement projects related to the continuing economic development and growth of the City of Leland.

An endowed fund established to benefit and enhance efforts in early childhood education throughout Washington County.
The MS Delta Back the Blue Fund was created to promote respect and appreciation for all law enforcement officers and agencies throughout Washington County. “Back the Blue” is a public awareness campaign designated and dedicated to displaying public support for law enforcement throughout the United States. The goal is to show appreciation and support to all law enforcement officers and agencies within Washington County and in certain circumstances throughout the state of Mississippi, such as in the case of a fallen officer.

Through close collaboration and in partnership with local law enforcement agencies, this fund will also help to fund needs for equipment and additional resources these departments need to most effectively serve our county.


The Public School Academic Competition Fund was created to provide the necessary support and resources to Washington County public schools for students who are interested in competing in academic competitions, with a special consideration for mock trial competition. This fund encourages students who are interested in expanding their critical thinking, deductive reasoning and public speaking skills to showcase these skills by competing in local, state and national competitions. Support for these students through the public school districts in Washington County could include travel expenses, supplies, registration fees and equipment.
This fund was created by the Brent Family, honoring Ruth Brent who was renowned for her volunteer efforts to help local families in need. The Brent Family has donated $5,000 to create this fund for use to assist home-owners with extensive roof damages.  This fund will be managed and administered through the Board of Delta Force of Washington County and their case management team and will serve the clients who are being helped through Delta Force, our Community Based Recovery Committee.

The Academy of Arts, Music and Science Project Fund was created in 2016 through an effort led by Paul Mathis to create an arts, music and science, public school, based in Washington County.

While there has been a declining focus on the part of public education that focuses on the arts, music and science, both in Washington County and across the country, it is proven that we must educate students to their strengths and use their artistic talents to encourage individual growth and academic success.

In order to accomplish the goals for this project, community-wide support as well as financial funding is necessary. Ultimately, in the long-term, the plans are to create a permanent steering committee to guide development and implementation efforts as well as the creation of an ongoing endowment fund to assist with financial support for the Academy of Arts, Music and Science.

Donors can contribute to this fund and play a significant role in the creation of an Academy of Arts, Music and Science, a public school for the gifted, to serve children, not only within the Greenville Public School District, but all of Washington County.

The Delta Force of Washington County was created in 2016 to serve as a Community Based Recovery Committee for the Washington County community.  This committee is comprised of community leaders, church leaders and community volunteers with the central goal of assisting with relief and long-term recovery efforts stemming from disasters in our community.

The Delta Force of Washington County will work to meet the unmet needs suffered by citizens and organizations in Washington County caused by natural or man-made disasters and other disaster related needs.  Collaborations and partnerships are key to the success of this committee as they strive to ensure disaster relief efforts are not duplicated throughout our community and that resources are combined to yield maximum results in the face of future disasters.

With guidance from both the Mississippi Emergency Management Association and the Washington County Emergency Services leadership, this committee has set up its structure according to “best practices” and is prepared to serve our community.

The Washington County Emergency Medical Response Team Fund was created in 2016 through an effort led by the Washington County Emergency Management Services in collaboration with Dr. Robert Corkern, Emergency Room Director at Delta Regional Medical Center.

The Washington County Emergency Medical Response Team is a volunteer team committed to the delivery of pre-hospital emergency medical care and the preservation of life through the delivery of pre-hospital emergency medical care and the prevention of injury through community education initiatives.  This will greatly increase the response times throughout Washington County.  The group has approved by-laws and medical protocols in place and will make a huge difference in the response times throughout our community, especially in the rural areas.

Providing a large county, with a busy ambulance service, volunteer service for medical care allows that professional provider to focus on the advanced life support techniques while the volunteer provides needed support, medical care and assistance.  By having a system of county residents as medical volunteers — the county is provided support to an intrinsic medical system that reaches every corner of the county.

Donors can contribute to this fund and play a significant role in the improvement of lives right here in Washington County, when they are faced with a medical emergency.

The Washington County Workforce Development Fund was created in 2017 in collaboration with the Washington County Economic Alliance to serve as a conduit to assist with funding initiatives and projects focused on improving workforce development in Washington County.

This fund will assist with education, training and mentoring initiatives to develop and sustain a pipeline of skilled and trained workers in Washington County. Additionally, funding will be utilized for the provision of needed resources, technology and materials and supplies to facilitate and enhance the development of a skilled workforce.

Through the combined resources from government, individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations all working together toward a common goal, donors can invest their charitable dollars in solutions to address the challenges surrounding workforce development here in Washington County.

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