Invest in Your Community Through a Field of Interest Fund.

Field of Interest Funds allow our donors to target their gift to focus on one area of our community that drives their personal passion.  For some donors, it will be the cultural arts.  For others, health and wellness.  The interests can be as diverse as our donors ranging from downtown revitalization to early childhood education to at-risk youth.  Once you choose your area of focus, our Board of Trustees will research the community organizations and programs who are devoted to making a difference in your area of choice and provide grants and funding to those organizations and agencies who are making a positive impact and demonstrating successful outcomes related to your selected area.

  • Our staff handles all paperwork.
  • Our minimum balance to establish an endowed fund is $10,000 and $500 for a pass-through fund.

Click your mouse on the titles to see fund descriptions.

An endowed fund established to assist with funding the heathcare needs of those residents in Washington County who are working and uninsured or under-insured.

The Girls Write the World Fund was established to support the programmatic initiatives of Girls Write the World to meet its mission of providing accessible writing and empowerment programs for young women in grades 9th – 12th in Greenville, MS.

Since its inception, Girls Write the World has been dedicated to providing a safe space for female creatively and serving as an effective platform for fostering self-esteem, developing leadership skills and building community in Mississippi. To date, Girls Write the World has served over 50 young women, created over 100 pieces of original poetry, published 2 camper poetry anthologies, and produced three public showcases. Girls Write the World will host their 3rd annual week-long summer camp this June, stay tuned to hear more about this incredible organization and check out their Facebook page:

An endowed fund established to benefit and enhance efforts in early childhood education throughout Washington County.

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