In 2012, a group of dedicated Washington County leaders formed the Community Foundation of Washington County (CFWC).

Now donors can invest in their community using flexible, efficient and tax-effective strategies that maximize philanthropy and impact. Washington County is poised for great, positive change. CFWC wants to tip the scales in this direction! Our Board of Trustees has met with area leaders and stakeholders, initiated conversations and researched the areas that can best impact our growth. CFWC is committed to lead for positive change by impacting the following areas:

To put in action our key strategic focus on Early Childhood Education, we are excited to be collaborating with the three childcare facilities chosen as Mississippi Building Blocks centers this year — Charlie Brown Daycare, First Presbyterian Preschool and True Vine Christian Learning Center. Thanks to our generous donors at CFWC we have launched an initiative to work with selected team members at each facility, helping them receive the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential to enhance their professional education and expand their knowledge base allowing them to most effectively teach and care for our children here in Washington County!

The base of knowledge these team members will gain through the CDA Credentialing process will not only benefit the children they care for today but for years to come within these centers, and we are thrilled to be a part of helping these team members enhance their professional careers AND making a positive impact on the care and education of our children!

Join us to ensure a bright future for Washington County and help its residents succeed. Your contribution to our Community Trust Fund makes you a player in an effort to create a thriving community for all Washington County residents. Together we can make a brighter tomorrow! Click here to join our efforts TODAY!

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