Invest in Your Community Through a Designated Fund.

Designated Funds allow our donors to designate their gift to a specific charity or organization.  You have the flexibility to provide ongoing financial support to your favorite nonprofit organization, your church, your school or a charity that is near and dear to your heart.  You choose the agency, organization, or charity to benefit from your generosity, and our staff will take of the distribution of funds on an annual basis.

  • Our staff handles all paperwork.
  • Our minimum balance to establish an endowed fund is $10,000 and $500 for a pass-through fund.

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The Beth McKnight Delta Cotton Belles Endowment Fund was established to celebrate the organization’s 10th year anniversary and to honor their founder, Beth McKnight. Beth founded Delta Cotton Belles in 2007, after being diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. This endowment fund at CFWC will serve to provide resources to continue this work for the next 10 years and beyond.
From promoting breast health awareness to providing clinic breast screenings and mammograms to the working uninsured and under-insured, to providing support programs and services for individuals with breast cancer, the Delta Cotton Belles has always adhered to a philosophy of flexibility and innovation to allow for new services and programs, always in response to the unmet needs of women and breast cancer patients within their target communities throughout the Mississippi and Arkansas Delta.
As Delta Cotton Belles continues to carry out its mission of caring and supporting individuals throughout their breast cancer journey and working to educate the community on the importance of early detection, the Beth McKnight Delta Cotton Belles Endowment Fund at CFWC will serve to provide resources to continue this work for the next 10 years and beyond!
Words like bridge-builder, collaborator and philanthropist were always used to describe Mayor Chuck Jordan. His impact on the City of Greenville and surrounding counties was immense. His love for his Delta community was never-ending. To honor and preserve his memory, Jane Jordan gave the generous lead gift to create the Chuck Jordan Endowment Fund, benefiting the Community Foundation of Washington County and all its work. This endowment fund will be the engine that enables the Community Foundation to drive and expand our grant-making and scope of programming to best serve our community in the future.

The Leland Community Plates Charitable Fund was created in 2016 through an effort led by the Leland Chamber of Commerce. Since May 2015, volunteers and paid City staff have prepared a hot meal every Wednesday to serve needy residents of our community. The Salvation Army provides the basis for the meal, but additional supplies are needed to complete the meal – plates, cups, silverware, side dishes, and spices. The Community Plates Fund was established to provide this supplemental support.

On a weekly basis, over 80 residents are benefitted by this program, and through the generosity of the Leland Mayor, Kenny Thomas, this meal is taken out to several residents who are unable to leave their homes. Many have come to rely on these provisions as part of their weekly nutrition.

The current cost for the program is $75 a week, and we are seeking the support of generous individuals and organizations to help keep this program going. Without additional funding now, the Leland Community Plates Initiative will have to cease. Donors can contribute to this fund and play a significant role in the improvement of lives right here in Washington County, through one hot meal at a time to those who need it most.

The Police and Citizens United Crime Prevention Fund was created by Rebecca Goodman, owner of S. Goodman’s Department Store.  Rebecca’s passion for her community and her drive to always work to improve her hometown through partnerships and collaborative efforts made the establishment of this fund a simple decision.

This fund allows additional donors to participate in Rebecca’s vision and work together to support the Greenville Police Department through the provision of needed equipment and resources.  With a community UNITED in its commitment and dedication towards crime prevention, the Greenville Police Department will be able to purchase needed equipment and technology to enhance its ability to protect and serve the residents of our community.

The Stein Mart Square and Levee Walking/Biking Trail Charitable Fund was created by Bill Boykin, owner of Simpson Air Conditioning.  Bill’s passion for downtown revitalization and development and his desire to help the City of Greenville reach its grant match for the Levee Walking/Biking Trail made the establishment of this fund a simple decision.

This fund allows additional donors to participate in Bill’s vision and work together to create an incredible green space opportunity in Stein Mart Square and an extensive Levee Walking/Biking Trail that will span over 2.3 miles overlooking beautiful Lake Ferguson.  Both of these projects are sure to be cornerstones for Greenville’s downtown and will create a new resurgence of activity in the downtown area.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation awarded the City of Greenville $800,000 towards the Levee Biking/Walking Trail.  The grant requires a $200,000 match for total funding of one million dollars.  This Trail has the potential to have a major positive impact on Greenville and Washington County.

The Washington County Gulf Coast Veterans Advocacy Council Fund was created in 2017 in collaboration with the Gulf Coast Veterans Advocacy Council, a non-profit organization serving the needs of veterans and their families throughout Florida, Alabama and Mississippi.

The Washington County Gulf Coast Veterans Advocacy Fund will assist in funding representation and needed services for military veterans throughout Washington County.  Additionally, funding will be used to educate local military veterans and their families on needed physical and mental healthcare services and other vital benefits and to assist them in accessing these services and benefits provided to them as veterans.

Help us be a voice for our local veterans and support our advocacy efforts to influence needed changes in the veteran healthcare system.  With your help, we can focus our efforts on serving those who have served our county, right here in Washington County.

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