Benefits of Investing Through Your Community Foundation of Washington County

1. Trust
Your Community Foundation provides wise stewardship of the gifts entrusted to us — through the grants we make and professional management of our donors’ charitable funds.  Our Board is made up of community leaders who have earned your trust through years of “giving back” to Washington County.

2. Local Focus
We have deep roots in our community.  We have a broad understanding of our community’s needs and how best to address those needs for a long-lasting and most meaningful impact on Washington County as a whole.

3. Innovative Community Partnerships
We bring community leaders together and work closely with other local funders, nonprofits, public officials and businesses to coordinate resources to maximize a positive impact on our entire county.

4. We Connect The Dots
As stated in our mission, we connect people who care with causes that matter to create a thriving community for all.  We help ensure our donors’ gifts, not only meet their charitable goals, but also provide the greatest good throughout our community.

5. We Can Multiply The Impact
We have the ability to leverage donors’ gifts with other resources to expand and grow our asset base allowing us to magnify our grant awards and make a larger, more profound impact on our community.

6. We Provide Individualized Service
Our number one goal is to help our donors meet their philanthropic goals.  We accept a wide array of assets and are able to guide our donors through the establishment of funds to meet their personal desires for creating a lasting funding opportunity for their passions within our community.

7. One Gift Can Fulfill Many Philanthropic Goals
One gift can accomplish multiple goals simultaneously, whether that is to simply support your favorite nonprofit organization within our community or several organizations.  We can ensure your wishes are adhered to and handle of the paperwork and financial reporting for you.

8. We Invest In The Future
Our professional investment partner ensures our assets will continue to grow ensuring we will have greater funds to grant to deserving organizations within our community.  Our goal is to be here to help sustain and invigorate the future for Washington County.

9. Gifts Offer Maximum Tax Advantages (as allowed by law)

10. Gifts Allow You to Fuel Your PASSION!

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